3 Tips To Deal With A Leaking And Failing Concrete Septic Tank

10 November 2017
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Before the use of polyurethane tanks, septic systems where designed with concrete tanks. These old concrete tanks will eventually develop problems like leaks with age. They can also become hazards if not properly maintained and repaired when needed. It is important to have your old tank inspected regularly to ensure that there are no major problems. Here are some tips that will help you deal with old concrete septic tanks:

1. Dealing with Cracks and Leaks in Concrete Tanks

The most common problem with concrete septic tanks is that they crack, which causes leaks and problems with soil contamination. If the leaks are only minor, usually they can be repaired and sealed; allowing you to get more life out of your tank. Have a septic service pump the tank and inspect damage to determine if the problem is minor and can be easily repaired. If the cracking is severe, you will need another solution or replacement of the tank to solve the problem.

2. Interior Tank Problems and Retrofitting with Liners

Concrete septic tanks can also have several problems inside the tank, where waste causes more rapid decay of the concrete materials. This is seen in concrete baffles that are inside the tank, which can sometimes completely degrade and disappear due to the waste causing decay. There are several solutions for problems due to decaying concrete septic tanks; if the tank is still structurally sound, new baffles can be made and the tank lined with synthetic materials to stop the corrosion of concrete. When the tank is severely damage, and the structure compromised, it is going to need replacing.

3. Removal and Replacement of Severely Damaged Concrete Tanks

When the damage of a concrete septic tank is too severe for repair, it will need to be removed and replaced. Talk with a septic service about installing a new septic tank and weather it should be relocated and a new drain field installed. Over saturated soils and poor septic tank location may be a good reason to have a completely new system installed in a new area of your property. In addition, consider improvements and repairs that may need to be done to your drain field if you are only replacing the tank.

To ensure your tank does not fail, have a septic tank pumping service inspect the tank and recommend the best solutions. If you can address problems before they become too serious, you can often repair the tank without needing to completely replace it.