Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Necessary

28 June 2023
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A septic tank makes it possible for homeowners who live far from the city to manage the waste in their homes. Although the waste must be pumped out of the tank every now and then, homeowners like the fact that pumping is usually only necessary every few years. However, what homeowners sometimes fail to consider is that different tanks need to be pumped more often than others. For example, a large tank might seem as though it can hold a lot of waste, but it has to be pumped more often for a large household. If a homeowner fails to get the tank pumped when it is necessary, they will face numerous problems that could have been prevented.

Waste Will Eventually Backup

A homeowner must keep track of how long it has been since their septic tank was last pumped. The reason is that waiting too long to pump the tank can lead to the waste backing up. For example, liquid and solid waste from the inside of the tank will begin to flow back into the home. Once the plumbing system has become backed up, fixtures will not function as smoothly as they should. Toilets and sinks will drain more slowly than usual, and eventually, the waste can overflow out of the fixtures.

Drain Field Lines Can Get Clogged

Septic tank pumping is also an important task to help the drain field lines work. Drain field lines are pipes that route liquid waste out of the septic tank. The toxic waste is routed into trenches that are beneath the ground so it can be properly disposed of. When a tank has not been pumped in a long time, solid waste can be pushed out of the tank along with the liquid waste. If solid waste makes it into the drain field lines, it can cause the lines to become too clogged to route liquid waste.

Foul Odors Will Begin to Linger

Failing to pump a septic tank when it is necessary can lead to odors lingering around. For example, if the drain field lines stop working, liquid waste can seep out of the ground and produce foul odors. Waste can also begin to seep out of the tank and contribute to the foul odors. The odor of waste materials will not only linger on the outside of the house but can also travel into the interior of the home.

Reach out to a septic tank contractor if you need septic pumping