Residential Septic Tank Pumping: How To Manage It Correctly

13 June 2023
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A residential septic tank is something you need to have pumped every couple of years. Considering the following tips, you can make the most out of pumping whenever required.

Hire Contractors That Know What They're Doing

So that you don't have any adverse events when your property's septic tank gets pumped, hire pump contractors who know what they're doing. Ample experience and the correct training go a long way. You just need to see which pumping contractors service your area and assess their credentials carefully.

Also, see if you can talk to property owners who've had their tanks pumped by contractors you're thinking about hiring. They'll give you detailed breakdowns of their services that you may not be able to find online. You can then hire contractors you feel are best for the job. 

Maintain the Suggested Pumping Schedule

When you hire professionals to pump your septic tank, they should tell you how often to keep up with pumping. It might be every three years because of how big your tank is and how often it gets used, for instance. Whatever pumping schedule contractors recommend, do your best to maintain it consistently.

You might even want to write these pumping schedules down so that you don't forget when to have professionals pump your septic tank. Such a simple step will ensure the tank never overflows and later causes severe complications, such as a difficult cleanup and unsanitary conditions that require professional assistance to properly handle.

Have Pump Contractors Inspect the Lid if it's Damaged

Something may happen to the tank's lid over the years. It may develop structural problems like cracks or chipped portions. Whenever you notice damage, having the septic tank pumping contractors assess it carefully is a good idea.

They can let you know immediately if the lid is salvageable and if so, what type of repairs you might be looking at. If the cover is too severely damaged, they can urge you to find a replacement before something gets inside your tank, negatively impacting its performance.

If you plan to keep your septic system working great year after year, something you must do is have the tank pumped so that it doesn't get too full. As long as you have the service performed at the correct times by professionals with a lot of expertise, you won't face any negative situations during or after pumping around your property. 

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