5 Signs Your Water Heater System Is Failing

30 May 2023
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Water heater systems are crucial during chilly weather. Therefore, you must ensure the system is working perfectly as winter approaches. You can tell that your water heater system needs repairs if you spot the signs highlighted below.

1. Your Heater Produces Strange Sounds 

Modern water heater systems are known to operate quietly. You should only hear a gurgle in case the water boils. However, any other strange sounds may spell trouble. If you hear pops, cracks, bangs, and other unusual sounds, call an expert immediately. 

Experts will check for loose components, sediment build-up, or pressure build-up. Solving these problems should stop the unusual noises.

2. The Hot Water Doesn't Smell Right

Your water heater system might be on the brink of failing if it starts to produce metallic-smelling water. However, you must confirm whether the smell comes from the heater or the water source. If the cold water doesn't have a foul odor, the problem lies within the water heater system.

Your plumber can solve the issue by flushing the hot water tank or replacing the anode rod. But if the system is old, consider replacing the tank instead of flushing it.

3. The System Doesn't Heat the Water

Your water heater system should always produce hot water if it's in good condition. So, the lack of hot water clearly shows that your system has serious problems. Your system's failure to heat water can stem from either of the following:

  • Gas valve failure
  • Faulty heating element
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Blown-out pilot light

Lack of hot water is an issue you should leave to the professionals. The experts will identify the cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

4. Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

Running out of hot water quickly can be frustrating, especially when taking showers. This scenario shows that your system has less room for hot water. You probably haven't flushed the tank in a long time.

Failure to clean the tank allows sediments to accumulate at the bottom of the tank. The sediments can take up a lot of space, leaving less room for hot water. Flushing the tank on time can solve the problem. 

5. Discolored Water Coming From Your Faucets

Apart from your hot water smelling strange, it might be slightly murky or rusty. Rusty water could indicate possible corrosion inside the tank. The hot water tank is vulnerable to rusting, especially when it ages. 

Replacing the anode rods might help if you spot the problem early. However, you'll eventually need a new water heater to prevent further issues.

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