2 Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Determine What Portable Toilets Are Needed For Your Large Family Reunion

24 April 2023
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After coordinating with your entire family, you may have come up with a date when all of you can come together for a large family reunion. To accommodate the size of your close and extended family members, you may have found an almost-perfect venue, but they do not have any nearby restroom facilities.

Because of this, you may have decided to rent portable units to provide bathrooms for everyone. Besides knowing the approximate number of people who will be attending, ask yourself a couple of questions to gather additional information you will need to give to the rental service to help determine what portable toilets are needed for your large family reunion. 

1. What Is the Overall Age Range of Your Family Members Who Will Be Attending the Reunion?

One question you should ask yourself when trying to gather information about the bathroom needs of your family members attending the reunion is about the overall age range. Will you have parents with babies or young children at the venue? Also, do you have any elderly family members that may need special accommodations?

If there are young parents in your family, you may want to request larger units that have running water and room for a changing bed. For elderly guests that may need special access because of mobility aids, you should consider renting one or two handicapped toilets.

2. What Kinds of Food or Drinks Will You Be Serving?

Another question that you should ask yourself has to do with the types of food and drinks that will be served at the reunion. While this may seem like an odd question, you need to plan ahead if you are going to be serving anything that may trigger your family members' digestive tracts, resulting in more visits to the bathroom.

For example, if you plan on having alcoholic beverages, you may have multiple adult members who will need to use the toilets at the same time and more frequently. The same is true if you plan on having stimulating spicy cuisine.

When trying to determine how many portable toilets you will need for your upcoming family reunion, you will need to have more information than just a head count. You will also need to take into account the age range of the family members who will be attending as well as the types of food and drinks you will be serving. Once you have this information, contact a company that offers portable toilet rental services so they can help you decide the sizes and types of units you will need.