Misconceptions About Your Home's Septic Tank

10 March 2023
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Septic systems are a type of wastewater treatment system widely utilized in rural and suburban areas. However, numerous misconceptions exist about septic systems that can result in costly and disruptive errors.

Misconception: Additives Are Necessary To Keep A Septic System Working Properly

Septic system additives are chemicals marketed as necessary for maintaining a healthy septic system. While they may provide some benefits, such as reducing odors and breaking down waste faster, they can also cause harm to the system. In fact, many additives are unnecessary and can do more harm than good.

Septic systems contain natural bacteria that are responsible for breaking down waste. These bacteria thrive in a balanced environment, and using additives can upset this balance. Additionally, some additives can kill the natural bacteria, leading to more significant issues with the system.

Misconception: Septic Systems Are Bad For The Environment

There is a common belief that septic systems are bad for the environment. However, with proper maintenance, septic systems can be an eco-friendly option for waste management. Septic systems work by naturally treating wastewater on-site, and they can reduce the amount of pollution that enters nearby waterways.

Unlike centralized sewer systems, which require energy-intensive pumping stations and treatment plants, septic systems are a more decentralized and energy-efficient option. Additionally, the treated wastewater from septic systems can be used for irrigation, which reduces the demand for fresh water. Pumping the septic system regularly is one of the most essential types of maintenance that you can do to keep this part of your plumbing system running smoothly.

Misconception: Septic Tank Pump-Outs Are Messy And Smelly

Septic tank pump-outs can be a messy and unpleasant process if not done correctly. However, modern equipment and techniques have made the process cleaner and more efficient. Septic tank pump-outs should not be messy or smelly if done by a professional technician.

During a septic tank pump-out, the technician will use a vacuum truck to remove the solids from the tank. The technician will wear protective gear and take precautions to prevent spills or other hazards. Some technicians may also use smell-reducing chemicals to reduce unpleasant odors further.

Misconception: A Septic System Can Handle Anything That is Flushed Down the Toilet

A common misconception about septic systems is that they can handle anything flushed down the toilet. In reality, many products and substances should not be flushed, as they can cause clogs and other issues. Products such as wipes, sanitary products, and paper towels can cause clogs in the septic system. Additionally, hazardous materials, such as pesticides and chemicals, can cause harm to the natural bacteria in the system.

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