2 Questions You May Have About What Happens During Septic Tank Pumping

14 December 2022
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If you are getting ready to have your home's septic tank pumped out for the first time, you may not know exactly what to expect. You may have an understanding of what they do, such as opening the lid and using large hoses to remove the waste material.

However, you may still be left with questions about what you will be expected to do besides clear a path to your septic tank. Below are answers to a couple of the questions you may have about having your home's upcoming septic tank pumping.

1. Will the Smell During Pumping Come up into the Drains?

When the workers open the lid to the tank to give them access, the smell that comes out of it will be horrendous. Because of the sudden burst of this foul odor, you may worry that the smell will come up into your home through the drains while they are working.

Fortunately, drains have traps that help to catch odors and keep them from ascending the sewer lines into your house. As far as the outdoor smell, you can shut the doors and windows to keep the smell out. Once the service is finished pumping out your tank, the horrible smell will go away fairly quickly.

2. Can You Use Your Toilet While They Are Pumping the Septic Tank?

Another question you may have has to do with what you can do in your home while they are working on your septic tank. Can you use your toilet or drains while they are pumping?

While the tank is being pumped out, you must not flush the toilet or pour anything down the drain. Doing so creates a major mess for the workers who are working on the tank. It would create a mess in your house because the opened tank and the vacuum created by the drains will create a backflow of pressure, pushing the waste back up into your house.

Although foul odors will come out of the tank while workers from the service are pumping it out, you can shut your windows and doors to keep it out of your home until the smell goes away shortly after they are finished. You should also make sure that no one in your home flushing the toilet or using any drains while they are cleaning out the tank. For answers to other questions you may have, contact a septic system pumping service to speak with someone who can assist you.