Advice For Property Owners Pumping Their Own Septic Tank

8 November 2022
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When your septic tank reaches a full point, you can either have it pumped by a professional or do this yourself. If you're choosing the latter option, here are some guidelines to follow.

Find a Dependable Pump Solution

In order to conveniently remove waste from your septic tank, you need to find a high-quality pump to complete this job. You can rent this pump out so that you're not having to spend a bunch of money on this septic maintenance equipment. Just make sure you get a pump rental with a couple of things. 

One of the most important is a pump that's powerful enough to complete this job. It needs to have a powerful enough motor to deal with all of the waste in your tank. The pump also needs to be specifically designed for human waste, so that you don't damage the pump or cause it to clog shortly after getting started.

Use a Muck Rake if Necessary

If some of the waste in your septic tank is collecting on the sides or forming a thick consistency, these things are going to make it more difficult to complete pumping. For this reason, you want to get yourself a muck rake and stir the waste inside your tank. 

Do this long enough to break up parts that are combining together and collecting on the walls. Then you can turn on your pump and trust waste will come out of the tank a lot easier than before. Keep using this muck rake as needed throughout the septic tank pumping.

Add Good Bacteria After

Once you get rid of the human waste inside your septic tank via pumping, you'll want to add some good bacteria to said system. Then you can make sure the tank properly breaks down human waste going forward and thus keeps you from experiencing septic tank issues.

You can purchase special enzymes online and then apply them to your septic tank by flushing them down the toilet. Then you'll aid the performance of said tank in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Do this each time you pump the septic tank.

If you have a septic system, its tank will need to be pumped once human waste fills up to a certain point. As long as you understand how to perform this pumping in a controlled and safe manner, you'll be able to take good care of the tank for a long time to come. 

Reach out to a septic tank pumping company to learn more.