How To Know How Often You Should Pump Your Septic Tank

29 July 2022
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If you have a septic tank, you will likely need to have your tank pumped periodically. However, some households need their tanks to be pumped more often than others. If your tank needs to be pumped more often, this is likely for several reasons.

Count the Number of People Living in Your Home

One of the biggest factors that can determine how often you'll need to have your septic tank pumped is how many individuals live in your home. This is simply because your plumbing system will be used more often.

For example, in a larger household, you will be more likely to consume more food. However, this can be affected by other factors as well such as how often your family goes out to eat. When speaking with septic services about how often you will need to have your septic tank pumped, tell them about how large your household is so they can give you advice.

Determine the Age of Your Septic Tank

The age of the septic pump tank can also affect how often it needs to be pumped out. A septic tank company can inspect your septic system to determine how old it is so you can have a better sense of how frequently you should have it pumped.

Consider How Much Water You Use

If your family uses more water than what is typical, you might need to have your tank pumped more often. Also, if you use certain medications or if you engage in hobbies such as painting, you might fill up your septic tank quickly.

Work with a Septic Pumping Service

Fortunately, it's easy to have your tank pumped out when working with a septic tank pumping service. You will be able to schedule new appointments and a septic tank pumping service will come to your home to not only remove waste from the tank but also to introduce additives to the tank so that your tank can continue to have a healthy balance of bacteria. 

When pumping out the tank, there is a risk that too much bacteria will be removed. This will interfere with the ability of your septic tank to break down waste. However, a septic pumping service will introduce additives to make sure that your tank has enough bacteria. They will do this after pumping as much waste out of your tank as possible so it will be a long time before you have to pump waste from your septic tank again.