Planning For Septic Tank Pumping? Here Are A Few Things To Expect

25 April 2022
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If you're planning to pump out your septic tank for the first time, you probably are concerned about the complexity of the operation. Usually, this is a quick process if handled by an experienced septic tank expert. How often you should pump your tank depends on your needs. Your maintenance expert will suggest the pumping frequency after assessing your tank's current capacity and looking at other factors. 

Timely pumping of the septic tank is crucial as it prevents bleeding of waste in your drain field, which can be a source of numerous problems. Here's what to expect during a septic tank pumping operation. 

An Examination of the Entire System

Before commencing the operation, the technician will first inspect your tank and evaluate whether pumping is necessary. Your tank may need to be pumped out if the waste almost blocks the pipe leading to the drain field. The inspection will also help uncover any problems that could hinder the pump-out process, like leakages. If the technician establishes that your tank is too small to handle the waste from your home, they may advise that you consider a larger tank. This will eliminate the need for frequent pumping, which can be expensive.

A Foul Odor Might Fill the Air 

Your septic tank will emit some odor when pumped, especially when the lid comes off. Usually, this smell persists until the completion of the cleanup. However, it will dissipate soon after the technicians are done with the septic cleaning. But note that there shouldn't be any smell getting into your home via your drainage system once the process is complete. Keep your windows open to ensure that the odor fades out quickly if you notice it around your home.

The Operation Won't Take a Long Time

Your tank's size and the last time you performed a cleanup will determine the duration the professionals will take to empty it. After pumping is over, the technician will use a specialized hose to flush the outlets connecting the tank and drain field. After this is complete, they'll return the lid and end the operation.

They'll Be Little or No Damage to Your Property

Most property owners are concerned about the impact of the septic tank pumping process on their backyards. The good news is that this operation doesn't have to be disruptive. But if your septic tank covers aren't visible, the technicians may have to dig out the ground to locate them. When searching for the septic tank's lid, most experts use a prod and will only dig out areas on top of it.

Septic tank pumping isn't an overly-complex process. However, only professional septic tank maintenance experts can achieve the required safety and efficiency in this operation. Contact a septic-pumping company like Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer for more information.