5 Signs You Need Emergency Septic Services

17 March 2021
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Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep your septic tank system operating optimally. However, some situations determine when you should request septic services. A majority of homeowners tend to forget septic cleaning until some problems arise. Even if your septic system was cleaned and repaired recently, some signs indicate you need emergency cleaning and pump-out services.

If you can't recall the last time you contacted a septic professional to examine your system, here are some signs that you should look for septic professionals quickly.

1. You Have Backed Up Drains and Toilets

If you've noticed that your drains are slow and the toilet takes several minutes to flush, it could be a septic tank problem. If your drains have backed up and choking with raw sewage, it becomes a health hazard. The foul odors are toxic, and they can affect the quality of life indoors. You should call septic tank service providers right away. A reputable septic tank company will inspect, identify, and fix the problem professionally.

2. Drain Field around the Septic Tank Is Flooded

If you notice puddles of water pooling in the drain field, it's a sign that your septic tank is overflowing. Overflow or a leak can cause water to spill into the drain field. Since raw sewage can contaminate the area or cause structural damage, you should get a specialized septic tank technician to handle it.

3. Septic Tank Alarm Has Gone Off 

Advanced septic tanks come fitted with superior alarm systems. These alarms notify homeowners that the water inside the septic tank has risen beyond a specified level. Excess water usage can cause this. Also, if your underground septic tank is leaking, underground water can find its way in and cause a drastic increase. The moment your septic alarm goes off, call a septic tank company to handle the problem.

4. There's a Foul Odor

A blocked septic chamber could be the reason why there are unending smells or odors in your shower, drains, and pipes. If the smells are unrelenting, consider getting septic experts to pump out your tank quickly. You should call the professionals before a fully-blown backup affects your drains.

5. Water in Your Pipes Drain Slowly

If the water in the tub or sink drains slowly, it's a red flag that your septic tank is full. You should call an emergency septic company before the toilets and sinks back up completely.

If you've noticed the signs above, your septic system needs quick attention. Contact companies like Autry's Backhoe & Septic Service to learn more.