4 Reasons To Rent A Portable Hand Washing Station

7 January 2021
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If you are holding a special event, it is imperative that people have access to handwashing stations. Washing hands helps prevent the spread of disease, which is something that many people may be extremely aware of due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Ensure Good Hygiene

The most important reason to rent a portable hand washing station for your event is to ensure proper hygiene for all your guests. With portable hand washing stations, all your guests will feel free to wash their hands before and after eating. Portable handwashing stations also come with soap dispensers and paper towels to make the hand washing process easy.

Due to the pandemic, there is an increased awareness of the importance of washing your hands with real soap and water and not just hand sanitizer. Handwashing stations will allow the participants at your event to feel like they are taking steps to protect themselves from the spread of disease.

2. Hot Water Is Possible

Second, portable hand washing stations don't have to be supplied with cold water. You can rent portable sinks that come with hot water systems that will heat the water going through the system. Having access to hot water will increase the sanitation level of your portable handwashing stations. It is better to wash your hands with hot water than cold water, which is still entirely possible with a portable hand washing station.

3. Great for a Wide Range of Events

Whenever you throw an event with lots of people, a portable hand washing station is an inappropriate device to add to your event. A portable hand washing sink works well at any outdoor event such as a birthday party, a barbecue, a big festival, or a wedding. Portable outdoor sinks come in various styles and colors, allowing you to customize the look of the mobile sink to align with the overall style and feels of your event.

4. Save Money & Time

Finally, renting portable outdoor sinks allows you to save money on time. You will not have to install a permanent outdoor sink. This can be expensive, requiring extensive piping and work by a plumber, not to mention all the supplies' cost. With portable sinks, all you have to do is pay for the one-time rental. Portable sinks are more economical than setting up a permanent outdoor sink for a temporary event.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, make sure you rent a portable hand washing station. This feature helps ensure that you are providing a clean and sanitary space for all your guests. A portable hand washing station is more hygienic than providing a lot of hand sanitizer and more cost-effective than installing an outdoor sink just for your event. Contact a company that provides portable hand washing stations for more information.