Important Things You Need to Know About Septic Tank Installation

24 September 2020
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A septic system helps to treat wastewater in both residential and commercial settings. If you want to install a private on-site septic tank, you need to work with a septic installation company to avoid inconveniences. Here is what you should know before the septic tank installation.  

You Should Get Relevant Approvals

First, you need to get approval from the local government or the Public Health office. To get the permit, you need to submit an application form and necessary support documents, such as the title deed and the septic system plan, and wait for the approval. The septic tank contractor can only start the construction after your application has been approved.

Only Professionals Should Handle Septic Tank Installation

Poor installation could lead to public health issues, and thus the installation should be done by professionals. The company that offers septic tank installation services should have experienced technicians who are licensed and insured.

The company will first come to your property and test the soil type to know the best location to put the septic tank and drain field. If you work with non-experts, they might skip this step, leading to many issues in the future. For instance, if bedrocks or impermeable layers of soils are not excavated, they might affect the flow of wastewater. Therefore, you should let the professionals handle the installation project. Besides the tank installation, the specialists should offer maintenance services and guide you on keeping your septic system in good shape.

You Should Leave Enough Yard Space

A septic system consists of the tank, distribution box, drain field, sewer pipe from the house, and access hatch. Therefore, this system needs enough space. With professional help, you should know the exact yard space required for the project. The septic tank can't be installed near structures or any obstacle. It should also be far from trees because the roots might grow deeper and clog the tank or cause sewer pipes to burst.  For these reasons, you should reserve a bigger part of your yard for the project.

The Size of the Tank Matters

Your family's unique needs determine the right septic tank size for your home. If you have a large family that uses many gallons of water, you need a bigger septic tank to handle the large volumes of water. A small septic tank might cause a flood in your yard or force you to limit the amount of wastewater your family releases daily.

Septic tank installations are necessary for every home that is not connected to the municipal sewer lines. Contact septic tank installation services to learn more.