Getting The Right Portable Toilet Service Truck For Your Business

31 July 2020
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The business of renting portable toilets and restrooms for events and construction sites comes with many different responsibilities. One of those is the cleaning and servicing the toilets that you rent to your customers, and having the right tools to do that properly is essential.

Service Trucks

The most common portable bathroom service truck configuration starts with a vacuum truck with a tank that can hold waste. But there is more to setting up a service truck than just vacuuming out the waste from the portable toilet. The inside of the toilet or portable restroom needs cleaning as well.

A truck with a water tank and pump allows the driver to hose down the inside of the portable toilet and clean the surfaces with high-pressure water than vacuum up the water and the waste at the same time. The truck should also have some storage boxes on the outside that allow the driver to carry cleaning chemicals and supplies to restock the portable toilets after they are clean.

Truck Size

When you are looking at a portable restroom service truck for your company, determining how large a truck you need is essential. If the truck is very large, it can hold more material, and you can service more units at one time. At the same time, a large truck can be far more challenging to get into small areas and may be extremely heavy as it fills up with water and waste. 

If you are servicing a lot of clients with limited access, it may be better to get a smaller truck that you can get in and out of the area with and make more trips to the waste disposal point than to have a truck stuck somewhere because it was too large or too heavy to get in and out of the site. 

Tank Materials

When you start looking at portable restroom service trucks, you may find several different styles with tanks that are made from either aluminum, stainless steel, or polyethylene. The poly tanks are lightweight and durable but do not look as good as the stainless steel or brush aluminum tanks. 

With each option, there are some benefits like weight reduction and capacity to consider, so talk to the manufacturer or dealer about the different tank options that you are considering. If you are configuring a new truck, the tank may need to be specific to work with other components like the pump or the chassis you are putting it on.

The dealer can help you understand the differences, so you set up your portable bathroom service truck to be effective and efficient while lasting for several years without problems.

For more information, contact a portable bathroom service truck dealer.