Why It's Illegal To Sell A Property With A Defective Septic Tank (And How To Fix It)

14 August 2019
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In some states, it is illegal to sell a property that has a defective septic system or a broken septic tank. You would be violating all kinds of local and regional environmental laws, which places not only you at fault but also the person or persons who purchase the property from you. The fines and punishments are outrageous, not to mention the fact that no real estate agent would help you sell such a property with those kinds of risks attached. If you live in a state where it is illegal to sell a property with a malfunctioning or non-functional septic system or tank, here is everything you need to know about selling your property. 

You Cannot List It "As-Is"

Although you might be able to sell a home as a fixer-upper or "as-is," you cannot do that when the "as-is" part is the septic system/tank. The very first thing that will happen is an inspection of the property to ensure that there are no issues with the major functions of the home, which includes the septic system. If the inspector finds problems with your tank (and he/she will not miss it), your home cannot be placed on the market. If you really need to sell and get out, however, you can fix these issues and then sell your property through a quick sale to a realty or real estate agency. 

Hire a Septic Tank Repair Technician

You already have the inspector's notes about the condition of the system and tank. All you need now is a repair technician. When you call around to find someone to fix the tank, mention the notes you have from the inspector and read off what the inspector has listed. Having the exact problems listed will tell the technician what and how to fix your tank. Then he/she can quote you on what it will cost. The faster you address these repairs, the sooner you can put the property on the market. 

Your Best Bet? Replace the Tank Entirely

If you really want to impress buyers, replace the problematic septic tank entirely. It will give the new property owners a brand-new, problem-free tank and you can add the expense of the new tank to the sale price of the property. It is a win-win for everyone involved. Additionally, if you cannot sell the property for a while, you have use of this new tank. 

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