How To Ensure Your Renters Don't Damage Your Home's Septic Tank

30 April 2019
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When you are a landlord, you need to check and discuss many things with your tenants. One of these is the septic services. Your tenants need to know what they can and cannot do, or some serious sewage problems may arise. There is a lot of information out there, so you can provide them with written details about everything they need to know.

Drain care

Many tenants will already know the following, but it will not harm anyone if you remind them.

  • Grease should not be put down the drain.

  • Leftover food should not be put down the drain.

  • The toilet should only be used for human waste and toilet paper – nothing else.

  • It is best not to spend too long in the shower.

  • Know to contact the landlord as soon as they think there is an issue.

  • Don't grow vegetables near the septic tank

Cleaning clothes and the house

It may not be a popular thing to tell them, but the washing machine should only be used once a day, and should be run without much detergent. They may get away with two loads providing they leave about 12 hours between them. There are also guidelines needed for cleaning the house. Bleach should not be used often and only a small amount used even then. They should avoid anything marked antiseptic.

Your responsibility

It is fine reminding the tenants what they must do regarding septic services, but remember that you have responsibilities as well. The septic tank will require residential septic tank cleaning service on a regular basis, and that is where you come in. The timescale will depend upon the number of people in the property, soil quality, and in some cases local laws, but it will normally be every two or three years.

The number of people at the property at one time will also have to be limited. A septic tank can deal with a dozen people at a time, but big parties will be an issue. Tenants should be instructed to hire portable toilets if they are expecting lots of guests.

Finally, it will not harm anyone to remind the tenants to contact you as soon as they realize that there is an issue. The sooner you know the sooner it can be dealt with. Give them contact details and try to provide them with the details of someone to contact if you are going away.

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