Plan A Wedding Reception That Is Being Held In The Country

24 January 2018
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If you and your partner are getting married next month and plan to hold your wedding reception on a piece of undeveloped property located in the country so that guests have plenty of space to mingle while enjoying the scenery, providing basic comforts and necessities is vital for the celebration to be a success. The strategies that are listed below can be used while planning the gathering.

Rent Restroom Trailers

Toilet trailer rentals that are equipped with private stalls, hand washing stations, and a seating area will allow guests to relieve themselves or freshen up throughout the duration of the reception. Restroom trailers are sanitized and spacious. A trailer can be ordered from a rental company, and arrangements can be made to have one of the facilities set up on the section of land that you have chosen.

Since the reception will be taking place in a wide open area, choose one side of the land to have the trailer set up on. If some of your guests are handicapped or have limited mobility, inquire about having a ramp and safety rails installed next to the trailer so that guests can enter and exit the facility without assistance. After the reception, contact the rental company, and a driver will be dispatched to pick the trailer up from the property where the reception was held. 

Hire A Caterer To Prepare And Serve Food And Beverages

A caterer can assist with preparing a wide array of foods and beverages that interest you and will alleviate you from needing to worry about how you will transport items to the land where the party is being held. After hiring a caterer, meet with them to discuss food and beverage options.

If you are aware of dietary guidelines that certain guests need to follow, inform the caterer so that meals can be prepared that will not conflict with the diets that guests normally follow. Schedule a time for the caterer to arrive to set up for the reception. The caterer and their crew will serve guests and clean up the dining area once everyone has finished. 

Prepare An Area For Resting and Sleeping

Guests should be provided with the opportunity to indulge in alcoholic beverages or spend time mingling with others for hours on end without needing to worry about how they are going to safely drive back home.

Prepare a resting and sleeping area by setting up lawn furniture underneath a canopy and erecting tents in areas nearby. Invite your guests to spend time in the resting and sleeping area. If anyone does not feel well enough to drive home, they will be able to relax while recuperating and gaining strength.