How Do You Clean Sand Out of a Home Drain?

5 December 2017
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When things work well according to the way they were designed, life is good. However, these things of life don't always go as planned.. One such nightmare that can occur in a home with dire consequences is when the drainage system does not work or is impeded somehow. Sand is one of the worst offenders for permanently clogged drains. Thankfully, there are some things you can do.

Clean the Area of the Drain that is Visible

The first obvious step is to clear the standing water to access the mouth of the drain. Once this been accomplished, you can better observe the situation and be able to remove any additional water that may be pooled in the area. If the slow or non-draining piping is built in sections, such as a gutter, perhaps it can be uncoupled in order to take a deeper look inside the drain. By doing this one maybe able to isolate the problem area and remove any additional sand or grit that is blocking the flow.

Force Water through the Drain

In addition to removing the blockage by hand it is important not to underestimate the power of water. Therefore, using a large quantity of water from a bucket, a garden hose, or a power washer may help with dislodging a clog of sand or other material. The force of the water will help to push or break up the clog that is preventing the drainage of the gutter or pipe. If it seems to be working, keep going until the water begins to flow freely. However, if there is no drainage occurring, it is important to discontinue this process.

Use Other Forces

In addition to using the force of water there are other unclogging tools and techniques that can be used. One such tool is known as a snake. A plumber's snake is a metallic auger that is flexible in nature and can be inserted into the piping. The "snake" can be turned using a handle and the sharp pointed tip can break through what is clogging the drain. Once this process starts you may feel it push through, be careful not to damage the drain or pipe, what is preventing the flow or the sand that has clogged the drain. If this occurs follow this process by forcing water once again through the drain or piping.

If you feel uncomfortable using any of these methods yourself, there is always a professional drain cleaning service to help you out. Visit resources like to learn more about drain cleaning.