Keeping Up With Your Septic System

26 September 2017
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Having a sewer line back up on you is never a fun time, and you could literally end up ankle deep in sewage. You do not want to have any problems with your septic tank, but in order to maintain a healthy septic system you will need to treat your septic system a little bit differently than other sewage systems. A septic system is an incredible way that sewage can be disposed of, and can last a very long time with proper maintenance. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your septic system healthy.

Garbage Cans

You would be amazed that when a septic system is pumped the majority of the problem comes from garbage. There are usually wrappers, cigarette buts, plastics, and other garbage that is clogging up the tank and backing up the system. Many problems can be prevented if you simply put trash cans by the side of the sinks and toilets to encourage people to throw garbage away instead of flush it down the drain. This may seem like a silly way to improve the quality of your septic system, but it is a simple way to improve your septic system health.

Drain Cleaners

If you have a clogged pipe you should not go directly for a drain cleaner. Drain cleaners can be a septic system killer. The reason that it is a killer is because they can literally kill the bacteria in the septic system. These bacteria are what keep your septic system running. The bacteria are responsible for the breakdown of all the sewage that goes through the system. If you are dealing with a clogged drain instead of going for a drain cleaner you may want to just simply use a pipe snake to dislodge the clog.

Pump The System

Approximately every other year you will wan to have a professional come and pump your entire septic system. You want your septic system pumped for two reasons. First, you want your septic system pumped because all the buildups and garbage will then leave the system, and it will be less full. Second, the system is allowed to rest briefly and the bacteria cultures are able to re-establish. The septic system does not need to be pumped super regular, but having it pumped every other year will allow the septic system to stay healthy over a long period of time.

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