Maintaining Your Septic System

2 August 2017
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If you are on a septic system, it is very important that you treat your plumbing a lot different then if you are on the city sewer system. A septic tank allows you to get rid of your sewage and waste right on your own property. These systems can be very effective, but they do need to be taken care of properly. If you do not try to keep the septic system well maintained then you may end up with a very stinky problem. Here are a few ways that you can keep your septic system up and running properly.

Throw It Away

It can be tempting to simply pour all that extra food down the disposal, but it is best to just simply throw extra food away. Anything that you can, it is best to throw away. The septic system is designed to get rid of human waste. The septic system can be overloaded by other types of waste. Refrain from using the disposal, and be sure that you are not using the toilet as a garbage can. Do not flush your wrappers, cigarette butts, condoms, gum, and other trash down the drain. This will only hurt the septic system.

Easy On The Cleaner

A major problem that you can run into is the over use of chemicals to clean your drains. If you run into a clog, try to avoid using liquid drain cleaners. These cleaners can blast through a clog, but they can also blast through the bacteria that break down the sewage. The PH of the liquid is extremely high, or basic, and can kill the bacteria in no time at all. Without the bacteria to break down the sewage, your septic system can become backed up in a hurry. Be very careful with how often you are using harsh chemicals.

Septic Pumping

In the very best situations there is sewage buildup in the septic system. Be sure that you pump your septic system at least once every other year. This will ensure that the system is cleaned out and running properly. You may find all that extra garbage that has been flushed down the toilet, but if you have been careful this is simply a way to keep the septic system from having too much sewage built up at once time. Having your septic system pumped every other year is one of the very best ways to ensure the system continually works.