3 Plumbing Tips For A Repair-Free Summer

12 July 2017
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During the summer months, you want to spend your time at the pool or at the beach. You don't want to spend your free time dealing with a plumbing issue. Learn what important steps you should take this summer to work towards keeping your plumbing system problem free:

Inspect Your Washing Machine

Between more trips to the pool or beach and your children being home, your washing machine will probably get a lot more use during the summer. Make sure you're also inspecting the condition of the hoses that run from the machine.

Washing machine hoses have expiration dates and the more wear, the faster they reach this period. If a water hose is already nearing failure, the extra washing could send it over the top and send water all over your floor, causing a great deal of damage. An inspection takes just a few moments but can save you a lot of money and stress.

Be Kind to Your Septic System

If you're planning on hosting family and friends during the summer, make sure you are keeping your septic system in mind. When the system was installed, its sizing was based on the usage needs of your family and other appliances in your home.

If there are four people that live in your home and you're all the sudden hosting another four people for a few weeks, this can overload your septic system and lead to malfunctions. To avoid a mishap, you might have to make changes like scheduling showers. For instance, maybe half the people can take showers in the morning and the other half take their showers at night. You may also need to have the system pumped before their arrival.

Monitor Tree Growth

While you're outside in the lawn tending to your landscaping and your lawn, also take some time to inspect the growth of your trees. More specifically, the roots. Tree roots are powerful and can force their way throughout just about any structure, including your sewer lines.

If the root punctures these lines, it could create a blockage that causes the sewage to back up in your home. This isn't just an unpleasant experience, but it can be costly when it comes to repair and sanitation costs. During your inspection, if you see any roots that are even close to the line, it's time to contact a professional for removal.

These small steps can keep more money in your wallet throughout the summer by helping you save on costly repairs. This means more money to do the things you love. Contact a company like River City Septic & Excavating for more information and assistance.