Maintaining And Repairing Septic Systems

3 Signs That Your Sewer Line Is In Big Trouble

Sewage back-up is potentially hazardous for your health. If you are experiencing a sewage back-up, then you should contact a professional plumbing service immediately to get it under control. It may not be apparent at first that your plumbing is facing complications.... read more

Essential Services for Your Septic System

Living with a septic system means knowing what you need to do to keep it healthy, functioning and effectively treating your waste water. This requires that you not only know what you need to do on a daily basis, but what periodic maintenance you need to call a... read more

Eliminating That “Sewage” Smell From Sinks

Sinks are one of the most ill-used parts of any sewage system. People often wash just about anything they can find down their small holes. Is there any wonder that sinks often start smelling like sewage? Removing that sewage scent is often as simple as cleaning a few... read more

About Me

Hey there, I’m Frannie VanDiers. While growing up at my grandparent’s house, we had to pay close attention to waste flushed down the toilet. When the septic system was not working as expected, we had to place all of the toilet paper in a bin, instead of flushing it down the pipes. Furthermore, we were never allowed to flush anything but bodily waste down the toilet. Doing otherwise would cause a clog that was costly and time consuming to remove. Furthermore, when the septic system was clogged, we were instantly displaced and had to stay elsewhere for the time being. I want to explore septic maintenance and repair processes to help people keep their system running right. My site will explore the benefits of staying on septic instead of hooking to the sewer.